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The NUDESTIX x BEAUTY MAGNET BZZ AGENT BOX arrived and I couldn't wait to bust it open.  I love beauty products, any and every one, and was really intrigued to see what this multi-tool would be like.

The packaging for this NUDESTIX x BEAUTY MAGNET BZZ AGENT BOX is so pretty.  I'm a sucker for great packaging, and I love the clear case, the rose gold color of the tools, and the bold black typography. Oh my goodness, I hope the pretty of these tools rub off on my skin when I use them so that I can be rose gold super pretty too!

After opening the box and removing the tools, I understand where the magnets come into play.  I thought that only the middle tools were held together, but the entire kit is magnetized.  This is amazing so you don't lose one of the tools... which let's face it, nobody ever does that, right??!  Yeah, sure, right.  Haha.

The quality of these beauty tools are very sturdy; not chintzy at all.  Like I said before, these upscale beauty face tools are designed really well.  Five tools in one is amazing.  You can literally just take these anywhere; to the beaches of La Jolla, the cabins of Massachusetts, the haunted rooms of the Hotel Del Coronado... work, gym, car, photoshoots.

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XxOo, Becky Peterson