Dummberry on Memorial Day 2014 We Remember Our Soldiers

Dummberry the Snail Says May The Fourth Be With You

Dummberry as the Morbid Couple from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Dummberry and I wish you a Happy October to November 2013

Happy First Day of October with Love from Us

DUMMBERRY as Dumm•bo

DUMMBERRY as Dumm•blond

DUMMBERRY as Dumm•struck


DUMMBERRY as Dumm•waiter

DUMMBERRY as Dumm•luck

Happy Memorial Day 2013

Dummberry in Disguise as Hippity Hoppity Easter Eggs 2013

Dummberry as a Ladybug Just in Time for Spring

Dummberry Walking on Sunshine

Dummberry as The BIG C as in Cancer

Dummberry as Triangle Patchwork

Dummberry says Just Goo It with The Swoosh

Dummberry as a Homemade Handcrafted Etsy Creation

Dummberry in Disguise Am I Not Turtley Enough For You?